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The top mistakes for adult beginners and barre fitness lovers, barre etiquette, terminology, ballet benefits, and much more... Plus your link to enroll in the Real Barre program before it closes.

Leave your weights alone this is REAL BALLET BARRE! It's not boot camp but you can apply what you learn to your barre fitness routine if you like. Real Barre™ is low-impact, no-impact, serious ballet coaching for adult beginners. Learn proper foundations and technique training from a professional classical ballet dancer. Classes are on demand in an easy to follow program. Sign up to find out if Real Barre is for you! ~XO Robbie
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  • Proper techniques to prevent injury and bad habits
  • Realistic goals for nice elongated lines
  • Improved posture, poise, and presentation
  • Real ballet so come prepared to learn
  • Judgment-free and non-toxic learning zone
  • Take what you learn to an in-person adult ballet class
  • Improved focus and patience
  • Low impact and no impact
  • Know why you are doing it that way
  • Learn the right way vs the wrong way
  • Suitable for anyone with the desire to learn
  • A new hobby you can do for years to come
  • Walk like a dancer with improved confidence
  • Weekly group sessions and one on one office hours
  • In-person and virtual workshops are also available
  • Use the website or the DancePro App to watch
  • Attire - Where the pros get it & what they like to wear
  • Those not restricted by their health care provider, doctor, or physical therapist are welcome
  • If you think it's too to late to try just ask!
adult ballet training online

Online Classes / Go At Your Own Pace

Learn in the privacy of your own home from

professional classical ballet dancer, Robbie Downey.

adult beginner ballet

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Benefits of adult ballet: confidence, posture, healthy bones, coordination, concentration, physical fitness, limberness, toned and elongated muscles, endurance, meditational, stress relief, more energy, strong core, and a new hobby you can do at home or in a studio with others. Join us! Your instructor Professional Ballet Dancer, Robbie Downey (below).

adult beginner ballet lessons
ballet for adults online