learn real ballet for adults at any age

Learn real ballet at any age!

adult beginner ballet

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The Benefits of Adult Ballet: confidence, posture, healthy bones, coordination, concentration, physical fitness, limberness, toned and elongated muscles, endurance, meditational, stress relief, more energy, strong core, and a new hobby you can do at home or in a studio with others. Join us!

Your instructor Professional Ballet Dancer, Robbie Downey

adult beginner ballet
adult beginner ballet lessons

Fun, Effective, and Easy to Follow Lessons from a Pro!

Learn more now. Space is limited each month for individual attention. Complete 3 levels in 6 months with 12 months access so you can go at your own pace. Weekly group and one on one sessions with your instructor so you can get help and feedback. Track progress in the DancePro App.

learn real ballet for adults at any age